Borough Green Parish Council allocates £2000 in the precept (parish council tax) towards each year for saltbins. We have a bulk stock of salt bought through Kent Aluminium, who have generously allowed us to store it there. H+H Celcon are storing more of our bulk salt supply. We also contributed to a new Road Gritter purchased by Wrotham Parish Council, to ensure every road in the Parish gets cleared. We now have 17 bins of our own, meaning every part of our community can tackle the problems caused by snow.


Harry Rayner, Chair of Wrotham PC was the driving force behind purchase of the gritter, BGPC donated £1000 towards that cost, and we supply the tow vehicle and driver for both Parishes. Harry and I found it a very heartwarming experience driving around the villages, really strong support from residents. 

Installation of the bins will be by volunteers, and we want to thank A-Z, Russet Homes and private householders for providing sites. By siting the bins on private land we get around the KCC/KHS criteria that then would have blocked the bins. All six bins have now been installed and filled and are marked on the map. In recent years KHS have come under new management who are much more pro-active and supportive.

Kent Highway Services have been very helpful to us this year and have allowed the installation of this years bins on Highway property (pavements) where safety allows.

The map shows the location of all the bins. Number 6, in the Village Hall carpark,and number 5 in the High St  will be used by Parish Council staff to spread salt on High St pavements with a pedestrian grit spreader.

 The only limiting factor is the staff and volunteers to fill the bins.

 Below - Taylor and Aiden fill the Quarry Hill Bin

 Below - Salt delivery at Celcon

Below - Rob tops up a bin on Crowhill 

below Taylor & Aiden fill the Fairfield bin 

 below Mike & Taylor fill the Village Hall bin 

Below - Barry sets off with the pedestrian gritter 


Below - Ed & Rob fill the gritter