The Oak was originally planted to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1887, but this tree died and was replaced as the Coronation Oak celebrating the Coronation of King George V in 1911.  KCC and TMBC have assembled a list of possible replacements and we are consulting ready for a planting in December. [full history] .

The Consultation document is available [HERE] , have a read through, choose your favourite, and comment using the form below, or [email us]. A hard copy will be in the Library in the next couple of days, with a comment sheet attached. If you have a personal favourite tree that isn't on this list, please add it in. Each tree has a letter to identify it with its description

We are hoping that a generous local developer may build the new planter for us, but if not the Parish Council will, and we have the "AA" badge store in a safe place

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CORONATION OAK IN 1965 and 2005



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