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March 2017

TM/17/00011/PDVSFR  Change of use from florist to coffee/tea shop - 34 Western Road No Obs

TM/16/03763/FL   Demolition of office and construction of 10no houses Quarry House, 81 Quarry Hill Road. Donation to Parish Council of Isles Quarry East and other land, majority support

TM/17/00200/PDVSFR Change of use from retail to coffee shop - 2 Sevenoaks Road (Loco) No Obs

TM/17/00213/FL Conversion of garage into habitable room - 57A Station Road No Obs

TM/17/00281/LDE LDC Outdoor Sun Room - 29 Annetts Hall No Obs

TM/17/00202/AT       2no blue fascia boards 'Melia's Place 2 Sevenoaks Road No Obs

TM/17/00285/FL   Ground floor side and rear extension     1 The Landway No Obs


February 2017

16/03763 Crest 10 houses IQE - Agreed 6 ib favour, 1 against 2 abst.

TM/17/00011 34 Western Rd Change of use from Class A1 Florist to A3 coffee shop/tea room

TM/17/00061/CRD Isles Quarry West contamination remedial verification report (capping layer) for plots 118-121, 128-129 & 131-134

TM/17/00062/CRD Isles Quarry West contamination remedial verification report (capping layer) for plots 112-115,

TM/17/00063/CRD Isles Quarry West contamination remedial verification report (capping layer) for plots 116-117 and 126-127,

TM/17/00200/PDVSFR   Change of use from retail to coffee shop - 2 Sevenoaks Road. No observations.

TM/17/00213/FL   Conversion of garage into habitable room - 57A Station Rd. No observations

TM/17/00281/LDE LDC Outdoor Sun Room - 29 Annetts Hall. BGPC is aware of the concerns of local residents about over-development of the site. The parish council therefore relies on the expertise of the planning officers.

TM/17/0202/AT 2no fascia boards - 2 Sevenoaks Road.. No objections in principle but the level of the lighting should be 'toned down' from the existing as it is very harsh at night.

TM/17/0285/FL Extension - 1 The Landway. No objections but the heat pump is inappropriately close to the boundary.

TM/16/01859/FL Demolition of 6 industrial buildings and construction of replacement industrial unit; flexible change of use and use for parking/maintenance of vehicles; office - Long Pond Works Wrotham Rd: for consideration by Area 2 Plng Cttee 01.03.17 Strong support - employment opp and tidying up semi derelict site.

TM/16/01245/FL variation of condition - 4 Wrotham Road: no further action re provision of a yellow box junction on the A227. Strong objections - Sainsbury should be required to adhere to Planning Conditions they proposed in order to get permission. Highway Danger

January 2017

TM/16/03226 49 High Street Borough Green Sevenoaks Kent TN15 8BT Proposed change of use from public house (A4) to 2 x shop units with a flexible A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 use and 1 x residential 2 x 2-bed dwellinghouse Oppose - loss of PH

 TM/16/02257 vehicular access to serve existing dwelling and proposed development - 34 Maidstone Road. After discussion Chairman proposed that if this undertaking is received in writing, the PC will support this application. Voting was 4 in favour, 1 abstention. RESOLVED.

KCC/SCO/TM/0295/2016   Request for Scoping Opinion to determine extent of environmental  impact assessment: Ightham Sand Quarry extension.  All Cllrs had received and agreed copies of a draft response which was ratified: comments re adj Listed Building; Bypass route; use of PFA; excavated material; gas main and factory improvements were all included.   After discussion  agreed that comments regarding noise and the FP route will be made when a full application is received.

TM/16/03763/FL   Demolition of office and construction of 10no houses and associated works - Quarry House, 81 Quarry Hill Road. There was considerable discussion. Noted that all  transferable land for open space at Isles Quarry East and possible extension to the doctors' surgery will be passed to BGPC: the council agreed that this may be preferable as there could then be public consultation regarding its future use. Agreed that more time is required to consider this application: an informal meeting will be arranged to consider this further.

TM/16/03768/FL   Extension - 63 Station Road. No observations.

 Fairfield Road, A-Z site redevelopment. Lighting - Not PC responsibility

December 2016

TM/16/03013/FL    Amended, Dem study & 2 storey extension  -  82 Crouch Lane Still object Bulk, trees, boundary

TM/16/03276/FL    Replacement garage  -  17 Harrison Road (No Obs)

TM/16/03084/FL   Equipment store - land adj 23 Conyerd Road (support with conditions)  see notes

TM/16/01245/FL   Vary cond 13 of TM/14/03560/FL: delivery strategy Sainsbury 4 Wrotham Road OPPOSE TOTALLY see notes

TM/16/03425/FL Demolition of garage and stable building and erection of replacement garage -'Little Harps', Crouch Lane. No observations.

TM/16/02257/FL Ingleside 34 Maidstone Rd,new road entrance object on Highway Safety grounds and loss of hedging, trees and visual amenity

November 2016

TM/16/02939/FL   conservatory - 19 High Street No Obs

TM/15/03051/FL   St Georges Court Demolition of housing and construction of residential development: further information -response to objections received St Georges Court

TM/15/03051 Viability Assessment 10.10.16 - St George's Court, Wrotham

TM/16/02989   Extension, loft conversion and paving - 168 Maidstone Road No Obs

TM/16/03012/FL Replacement extensions - 127 Maidstone Road No Obs

TM/16/03013/FL Demolish study and construct extension - 82 Crouch Lane Overdevelopment, too close to boundary


TM/16/02869/FL    conversion of garage to habitable space, rear extension and conservatory alterations 9 Eaglestone Close. No observations.

TM/16/02936/FL  change of use to takeaway incl extraction & ventilation equipment - 68 Western Rd. Although concerned about additional traffic movements, a greed no objection in principle but conditions must be applied: (a) full ventilation & odour management system (b) litter collection arrangements as per the Larkfield voluntary system .  

TM/16/02938/FL   Single storey extension, gable roof and conversion of porch to room 91 Wrotham Rd.  No observations

September 2016

TM/16/02869/FL    convert garage to room, rear extension and conservatory alterations -9 Eaglestone Close No Obs

TM/16/02936/FL     change of use from shop to hot food takeaway incl extraction & ventilation equipment - 68 Western Road In the light of the problems caused by failure to implement proper controls over the Kebab shop, which has been a constant source of bad odours, litter and anti-social behaviour. whilst not in principle opposed we insist on the below planning conditions:

  1. a) Full ventilation and odour management system.
  2. b) Litter collection as per the Larkfield Voluntary Code.

The new owner may then exert some discipline over their neighbour or get blamed themselves

TM/16/02938/FL 91 Wrotham Road Single storey rear and side extension. Front gable roof conversion of porch to room No Obs

TM/16/02966/TPOC 7 Staleys Acre Beech - 20% reduction and 5% thin because of excessive shading and No Obs

August 2016 Planning

TM/16/02131/FL 5 Mountfield S/Storey side extension, loft & garage conversion, rear dormer  No Observations

TM/16/02137/TPOC 16 Monckton Lime Tree rear garden reduce crown 25% -No Observations Impact on Recreation Ground

TM/16/02236/FL       6 Monckton Demolish & replace rear extension and garage No Observations

July 2016 Planning

TM/16/00933/FL  change of use of barn 6 to restaurant/café and barns 2&3 to gym/office - Cricketts Farm, No Observations

TM/16/01524/FL    convert garage to office - 13 Tolsey Mead No Observations

TM/15/05031 Demolition of warden-supported dwellings and replacement with 60no dwellings in 5no 2/3 storey blocks - St George's Court, West Street, Wrotham. Borough Green residents have depended on the provision of sheltered warden accommodation at St George's Court, and the developer should not be allowed to build ordinary housing here, in violation of the Goring Covenant on the land for elderly use.

TM/16/01859/FL Replace 4no industrial buildings with replacement unit + parking and office for Robert Body Haulage No Observations

TM/16/01966/CRD IQW Details of contamination remedial verification (capping) for plots140-151, Noted

TM/16/01245 Sainsbury- alterations to building and HGV route. Planning note there are significant hurdles to overcome, so it will not make Area 2 Wed, but there is a strong possibility there will be a recommendation to refuse.

June 2016 Planning

TM/16/01245/FL  vary condition to remove chamfer at rear, relocate escape door, additional escape door, retain covered porch, amend main door, reduce width and relocate access stairs, revise two car parking spaces   - Sainsbury’s 4 Wrotham Rd Too late to object - called into Area 2. The last application that we presumed was just the usual odds and ends may in fact have been a legal instrument to allow Sainsbury to alter previously agreed conditions. It is very important from a Highway Safety perspective that Sainsbury is held to its planning commitments, and that trucks cannot be allowed to reverse off the main road, and the swept path plans were part of the Decision to Approve..

TM/16/01257/FL    convert garage to living room and increase roof height and single storey extension between house and garage - 9 Ascot Close No Observations

TM/16/01500/TPOC tree surgery - rear of 20 Monckton Road Very concerned of the impact on the Recreation Ground visual amenity - we have had too many large boundary trees butchered, and would like to convey that concern to Liz Guthrie.

TM/16/01319/FL single storey rear extension - 26 Tolsey Mead No Observations

TM/16/01425/FL two storey side extension - 13 Tilton Road No Observations

TM/16/01457/FL removal of condition 6 (opening hours)of planning permission - Brackenhill Service Station, Maidstone Road Opposed -loss of residential amenity, no need, plenty 24 hour garages locally

TM/16/01412/FL Convert existing residence into 2no separate dwellings - 17 Station Road Object - lack of parking

Noise monitoring report - Gas Utilisation Plant, Stangate Landfill Site Noted

Planning Enforcement: report of T&MBC Director of Planning, Housing & Environmental Health and supplementary report for the PPP meeting 18.05.16 This is a very welcome step on the way to Enforcement being more responsive to Parish needs, and better communication. Enforcement Open/Closed lists to be circulated. There has been a steadily mounting pressure from PCs right across the Borough.

TM/16/01533/FL  New side garage and block paved driveway – 39 Wrotham Rd No Observations

TM/16/01507/FL  replacement rear extension and garage conversion – 7 McDermott Rd No Observations

TM/16/01137/FL   demolish garage and construct log cabin – 5 Dryland Rd No Observations

May 2016 Planning

TM/16/01412/FL 17 Station Road Conversion into 2no separate dwellings

TM/16/01425/FL 13 Tilton Road Two storey side extension

April 2016Planning

TM/16/01319/FL 26 Tolsey Mead Single storey rear extension No observations  

TM/16/01014/FL 8 Normanhurst Road Demolition of conservatory single storey rear extension No observations  

TM/16/00682/FL Brackenhill Service Station Installation of an ATMsteel anti ram raid bollardsNo observations  

TM/16/00683/AT Brackenhill Service Station Illuminated polycarbonate signs No observations  

TM/16/00887/FL 9 Wyatt Close Rear single storey and two storey side extension No observations  

TM/16/01152/CRD Isles Quarry verification report (capping layer) for plots 152-154, Noted

TM/16/00537/FL Demolish garage construct single storey side/rear extension – 10 Annetts Hall No observations  TM Approved

TM/16/00606/FL convert garage, front canopy&first floor side extension – 40 Harrison Road No observations  TM Approved

TM/16/00622/TPOC Tree surgery to Oak trees - 76 Crouch Lane No observations  TM Approved

17 Harrison Road (Most curious)

79/01139 Demolish garage, single storey side/rear extensions Approved

15/03690/FL Erection of single storey rear extension. Approved

79/10692/FUL Demolish garage, two storey side/rear and single storey rear extensions REFUSED

16/00005/REF Demolish garage, two storey side/rear and single storey rear extensions APPEAL


March 2016Planning

TM/14/02992/FL Demolition of buildings & construction of 41 dwellings - A-Z site, 173-199 Fairfield Road. Proposal to abandon Affordable Housing Obligation. PC ask Local Members to oppose  REJECTED by Area 2 Planning Cttee 02.03.2016

TM/16/00192/FL Demolish conservatory & construct two storey side and single storey rear extensions – 18 Wye Road No observations  TM Approved

TM/16/00322/FL Demolish extension & construct two storey side extension – 13Abbott Road No observations  TM Approved


APPROVALS 21 March 2016

TM/15/02642/FL 33 High Street Change of Use of premises from A1 (shop) to A3 (cafe/restaurant) and installation of extraction system and flue to the rear elevation TM Approved 18 March 2016

TM/15/02849/RD SAINSBURY 4 Wrotham Road Borough Green Sevenoaks Kent TN15 9DB Details of materials (2), external lighting (6), alternative location for commercial bin store (8), screening for proposed mechanical plant (9), and watching brief (10) to be undertaken by an archaeologist pursuant to conditions of planning permission 14/03560/FL (single storey side and rear extensions to the existing building, the installation of ATM, changes to elevations, the installation of plant machinery and reconfiguration of access to the existing residential accommodation above) Approved on 17 March 2016

TM/16/00322/FL 13 Abbott Road  Demolition of single storey side extension and construction of two storey side extension TM Approved 17 March 2016

TM/16/00487/CRD Isles Quarry Quarry Hill Road Details of contamination remedial verification report (capping layer) for plots 103-106, pursuant to condition 25(c) of planning permission TM/11/01191/FL ( Satisfies Requirements of Conditions on 15 March 2016

TM/16/00805/CRD Isles Quarry Quarry Hill Road Details of contamination remedial verification report (capping layer) for plots 31-36, pursuant to condition 25(c) of planning permissionTM/11/01191/FL Satisfies Requirements of Conditions on 18 March 2016

 February 2016 Planning

TM/07/512  Sect 73 application to vary conditions 2 & 17 of permission relating to operational timescale –  Borough Green Sandpits, Platt Industrial Estate. Noted

TM/16/00130/FL Demolition of chimney & proposed dormer and bay windows - 3 Wye Road. No observations  TM Approved

TM/15/00983/RD Removal of Thong Lane bridge. Chairman advised that this application has been withdrawn.

TM/06/02151/MIN Extend period of extraction & restoration - Ightham Sandpit (southern section) Chairman advised of retrospective notification of approval.


January 2016 Planning

T/15/03901/FL Change of use of office to specialist dental practice incl parking and internal alterations Caxton House, Maidstone Rd No observations  TM Approved