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  PARISH PLAN 2014  2016 Planning

August 2017

July 2017

TM/17/01301/FL The Lodge, Basted Mill - replacement garage & sun terrace. No objections

TM/17/01401/FL Removal of cond6 access road TM/15/02061/FL - 34 Maidstone Road. No observations

TM/17/01481/FL 129  Maidstone Road.2-storey incl rear exts and front porch -  No observations

TM/17/01482/FL 129 Maidstone Road Widen vehicular access and revised driveway -No observations

TM/17/01509/FL 23 Annetts Hall. Replace extension & car port with 2-storey side/rear extension - No observations

TM/17/01489/FL Extension - 36 Harrison Road. No observations

TM/17/01560/AT 37/39 Maidstone Rd. 2no illuminated signs -  No objection to signs but object to illumination as out-of-keeping with area.

TM/17/01569  154 Maidstone Rd.Extension - No objection

KCC/TM/0142/2017 H+H Ightham Sandpit Determination of new conditions for excavation of sand - Agreed to adopt the response of the Parish Alliance which will be decided this week.                        

       Chairman advised that:

(xi) TM/17/01238 change of use - 49 High Street has been withdrawn for the second time.

(xii) TM/16/03630 Platt Industrial Est. will be considered by the Area 2 Planning Cttee this week.

June 2017

TM/17/01215 6 Wyatt Close. Two storey side extension, lantern roof lights on existing rear flat roof extension, amended front parking.

TM/17/01044/FL 24 Western Rd. Demolition rear extension erect single storey side, and two storey rear extensions conversion to 4 flats

May 2017

TM/15/03051/FL   Redevelopment of St George's Court, Wrotham: Appeal lodged

TM/16/03226/FL  Change of use from PH - 49 High Street: application withdrawn

TM/16/03763/FL   Demolition of office and erection of 10no dwellings and associated works -81 Quarry Hill Rd: for referral to the Area 2 Planning Cttee 24.05.17

TM/17/00755/FL   Extension   21 Tolsey Mead. No observations

TM/17/00824/FL   Change of use to residential 1A Station Road. No observations

TM/17/00825/FL   Change of use to residential 1B Station Road. No observations

TM/17/00908/FL   1 year trial of 24hr operation Brackenhill Service Station, Maidstone Rd. Objection: extreme concern about noise at night and resultant loss of residential amenity for immediate area. No change in situation since the last similar application was refused. Ample 24hr fuel/convenience stores in the area.

TM/17/00991/TPOC Lower Lime tree by 5ft & cut back new growth 10 Monckton Rd. No obs  

TM/17/00798/FL    Land at Long Wood off Crouch Lane - creation of new vehicular access to orchard and woodland. Agreed to support the concerns of Platt PC and recommend refusal on Greenbelt, possible future development and highway concerns

TM/17/00960/FL     Replace conservatory with orangery (revised scheme under

TM/16/03223/FL) - 31 Lingfield Road. No observations

TM/17/01013/FL     External security door - 41-43 High Street. No observations

TM/17/01014/AT     Internally illuminated ATM sign - 41-43 High Street. No observations

April 2017

TM/17/00528/FL  External alterations and replacement signage - 2 Sevenoaks Road No Obs

March 2017

TM/17/00011/PDVSFR  Change of use from florist to coffee/tea shop - 34 Western Road No Obs

TM/16/03763/FL   Demolition of office and construction of 10no houses Quarry House, 81 Quarry Hill Road. Donation to Parish Council of Isles Quarry East and other land, majority support

TM/17/00200/PDVSFR Change of use from retail to coffee shop - 2 Sevenoaks Road (Loco) No Obs

TM/17/00213/FL Conversion of garage into habitable room - 57A Station Road No Obs

TM/17/00281/LDE LDC Outdoor Sun Room - 29 Annetts Hall No Obs

TM/17/00202/AT       2no blue fascia boards 'Melia's Place 2 Sevenoaks Road No Obs

TM/17/00285/FL   Ground floor side and rear extension     1 The Landway No Obs


February 2017

16/03763 Crest 10 houses IQE - Agreed 6 ib favour, 1 against 2 abst.

TM/17/00011 34 Western Rd Change of use from Class A1 Florist to A3 coffee shop/tea room

TM/17/00061/CRD Isles Quarry West contamination remedial verification report (capping layer) for plots 118-121, 128-129 & 131-134

TM/17/00062/CRD Isles Quarry West contamination remedial verification report (capping layer) for plots 112-115,

TM/17/00063/CRD Isles Quarry West contamination remedial verification report (capping layer) for plots 116-117 and 126-127,

TM/17/00200/PDVSFR   Change of use from retail to coffee shop - 2 Sevenoaks Road. No observations.

TM/17/00213/FL   Conversion of garage into habitable room - 57A Station Rd. No observations

TM/17/00281/LDE LDC Outdoor Sun Room - 29 Annetts Hall. BGPC is aware of the concerns of local residents about over-development of the site. The parish council therefore relies on the expertise of the planning officers.

TM/17/0202/AT 2no fascia boards - 2 Sevenoaks Road.. No objections in principle but the level of the lighting should be 'toned down' from the existing as it is very harsh at night.

TM/17/0285/FL Extension - 1 The Landway. No objections but the heat pump is inappropriately close to the boundary.

TM/16/01859/FL Demolition of 6 industrial buildings and construction of replacement industrial unit; flexible change of use and use for parking/maintenance of vehicles; office - Long Pond Works Wrotham Rd: for consideration by Area 2 Plng Cttee 01.03.17 Strong support - employment opp and tidying up semi derelict site.

TM/16/01245/FL variation of condition - 4 Wrotham Road: no further action re provision of a yellow box junction on the A227. Strong objections - Sainsbury should be required to adhere to Planning Conditions they proposed in order to get permission. Highway Danger

January 2017

TM/16/03226 49 High Street Borough Green Sevenoaks Kent TN15 8BT Proposed change of use from public house (A4) to 2 x shop units with a flexible A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 use and 1 x residential 2 x 2-bed dwellinghouse Oppose - loss of PH

 TM/16/02257 vehicular access to serve existing dwelling and proposed development - 34 Maidstone Road. After discussion Chairman proposed that if this undertaking is received in writing, the PC will support this application. Voting was 4 in favour, 1 abstention. RESOLVED.

KCC/SCO/TM/0295/2016   Request for Scoping Opinion to determine extent of environmental  impact assessment: Ightham Sand Quarry extension.  All Cllrs had received and agreed copies of a draft response which was ratified: comments re adj Listed Building; Bypass route; use of PFA; excavated material; gas main and factory improvements were all included.   After discussion  agreed that comments regarding noise and the FP route will be made when a full application is received.

TM/16/03763/FL   Demolition of office and construction of 10no houses and associated works - Quarry House, 81 Quarry Hill Road. There was considerable discussion. Noted that all  transferable land for open space at Isles Quarry East and possible extension to the doctors' surgery will be passed to BGPC: the council agreed that this may be preferable as there could then be public consultation regarding its future use. Agreed that more time is required to consider this application: an informal meeting will be arranged to consider this further.

TM/16/03768/FL   Extension - 63 Station Road. No observations.

 Fairfield Road, A-Z site redevelopment. Lighting - Not PC responsibility