At a Parish Council meeting 3rd April 2017 Cllr Perry reported what he believed to be a failing in the Standards System that did not report decisions back to the Parish Council. In the interests of transparency, all known Standards Complaints are listed below


  1. Supplied a Generic Parking Letter for residents who suffer inconsiderate parking by commuters. Commuter objected, and made standards complaint. Charged with "bringing Council into disrepute". Not Guilty  Decision


  1. Accused planning officers of not monitoring Crest Nicholson's contamination remediation at Isles Quarry. Charged with bringing Council into disrepute. Case proven, but not guilty of "bullying". Right to vote at Planning Committee revoked for 16months and letter of censure Isles Quarry Decision


  1. Wrote  Letter to Planning Inspectorate pointing out that a planning objection by a past Council leader against a neighbours extension application, which was the only local extension ever refused, could be construed as "undue influence". Charged with "bringing the Council into disrepute", guilty, letter of censure.  Decision


  1. Attended Wrotham School to meet headmaster as part of official delegation to challenge Headmaster over the "misappropriation" of £8000 of 3G pitch money. School lodged complaint, charged with "bringing Council into disrepute". Action still pending


  1. KCC threatened Standards Complaint after ongoing investigation into Social Services behaviour regarding a local family, (confidential case). Accused of "bringing council into disrepute". To date action not proceeded.