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In 2015 a Property Developer called Barton Willmore circulated a small flyer promoting a development of 3000 house on land stretching from Darkhill Roundabout in the west of Borough Green to A20 Nepicar in the East.

TMBC Planners told us it would not go any further because of "severe constraints on the land", ie AONB and Greenbelt.

But a few months later they held a public information session in the Village Hall with BGGC as the main feature on their pre-printed presentation boards.

The Parishes of Borough Green, Wrotham, Ightham, Platt, Plaxtol, and Shipbourne joined together and formally agreed to a Parish Alliance. They then held a series of Public Meetings in Borough Green, Platt, Plaxtol, Wrotham Seal and Ightham. The meeting in BG was so well attended that crowds filled the landing, stairwell, lobby and spilled out into the carpark, and a second meeting was held a fortnight later.

This gave the Parishes the mandate for the Parish Alliance to jointly fund our own planning team to fight the proposal, and BGPC formally pledged to contribute up to £50,000 over time.

As TMBC's Local Plan developed, they introduced two policies  one   two  which sets out their policy for Borough Green Garden City. The first stage of the process asks all landowners to submit their sites for consideration.

This is the Call For Sites, which we have analysed the whole library using TMBC's calculations of housing numbers. This is our Call For Sites Summary shows how TMBC used 4000 sites in Greenbelt, whilst dismissing 11,400 sites not in Greenbelt.


Borough Green PC lodged this initial submission together with our Landfill Sites ReportThe landfill issue is important, because TMBC seem to be happy allowing building on contaminated land.


There was a much more detailed bundle of evidence submitted, but of particular interest will be  the Mineral Safeguarding Plan, the H+H/Clubbs Report, and the KCC Mineral Reserves Plan.  

Wrotham PC also submitted two reports of their own, TMBC Unused Alternatives,    and Alternative Housing Sites   

TMBC's Scheme has several fundamental flaws, not least of which is you cannot use Greenbelt land for development if alternatives sites exist.

I do have hard copies of the entire submission.

Below Packed meeting in Borough Green Village Hall

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