Tonbridge & Malling's Local Plan requires 3000 house to be built between the Celcon Factory at Darkhill through to the A20 at Nepicar. This is all Greenbelt Land, and some AONB. There is a presumption in planning that you do not use Greenbelt until Brownfield and other unconstrained land is used. TMBC ignored 11,400 plots that they deemed "available and achievable" across the Borough, but in more politically sensitive locations.

Borough Green, Wrotham, Platt, Stansted & Ightham Parishes, supported by Plaxtol, Shipbourne & Seal appointed their own team of Planning Solicitors and a Barrister, with a team of experts in Highways and Landscape to give us an equal voice in the process.

The Planning Inspectors seem to share our view, and during the first virtual hearings of the Planning Inquiry in October, they cancelled the subsequent hearings with this letter to TMBC, who have yet to respond (Jan 21)

At this time, TMBC are burying their heads in the sand, insisting their plan is "sound". 

2021 will be very interesting, especially for us. We haven't won the war, but we have definitely won a major battle.

Feb 1st 2021 update. TMBC have finally responded to the Inspector's letter from December, with this letter accompanied by several appendices : A1, A2 , B , C & D . basically sticking two fingers up at the Inspectors. I have posted these because they are relevant, but we could all save a lot of valuable time by just waiting for the Inspector's response, which should be very, very interesting. This could all end up in the High Court, and they haven't even got to the deeply flawed detail yet.

It isn't until you view the Drone Overflight video below that you understand just how vast this proposed site is