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1.  BALLERINA                                                                             6.   SMILING

2.  THE BLACKSMITH AND THE BAKER                                    7.   SONGBIRDS OF CLOGE

3.  COSTA                                                                                     8.   THE LONELY SPIDER

4.  GOOD GUYS, BAD GUYS                                                      9.   THE VASE OF TRUST

5.  THE ROLEX                                                                            10.  LOUIS VUITTON



Derek Freeman was a retired black cab driver, well known in the village as a man with time to spare to chat and pass the time of day, he was also known for a varied and sometimes off the wall sense of humour.


Some will recall his spoof "for sale" cards in Shakti's Newsagents, perhaps offering a  part used tube of toothpaste. He is also rumoured to be the creator of "Rurial Muriel", a long running humorous and affectionate look at life in Borough Green, most famously Muriel's frequent visits to "Kent Alooominum", a mispronunciation that eventually led to his exposure to the harsh glare of publicity, (well, Richard, Margaret and I, anyway.).


These stories maintain that slightly humorous thread, slightly off the wall, and very often with a sting in the tail.


Mike Taylor 2021

© Derek Freeman

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