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In 2016 the Coronation Oak in a planter at the junction of Quarry Hill Rd and Rock Rd finally died. From the trunk we managed to save 4 heavy planks which we used as Memorial Benches around the Village.

The most important one was installed at the War Memorial, and is carved with the Remembrance Poem:


                                               AND IN THE MORNING

                                                                            WE WILL REMEMBER


It is also carved with the names of Ray & Joan Chopping.

Both were deeply involved in village life, and Ray was our Champion British Legion Poppy seller for many years

This bench at Potters Mede carries a verse from the WH Davies' poem, encouraging people to sit and enjoy the view and tranquility for a few moments

Crowhill bench.JPG

This bench on Crowhill is dedicated to the Royal Observer Corps wartime service, part of a network of sites across Southern England watching day and night for Luftwaffe bombers and V1 & V2 unmanned missiles.

This is the highest point in the village, and below this bench is the now blocked Civil Defence bunker from the 1960s Cold War era.


Crowhill is now owned by the Parish Council and is one of several areas across the village maintained as a wild nature reserve 

Right This bench is sited on the green at the entrance to Tollgate Estate, now known as The Avenue, and is dedicated to the 2012 London Olympic Torch Relay, which came right past this point.

Below is a bench outside Keith Palmer's Office at the crossroads dedicated to Big Jim Allingham, the last known Quarryman to break stone by hand at Stangate Quarry.

Below Right is the bench at the Village Hall entrance with dedication plaques to Cllr David Evans, Ray Chopping, Alec "Chuffer" Broad, and Tim Rothwell. Refurbishing this bench was the last job Tim did for the Parish Council before he passed away

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