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A joint project organised by the Hope Church in Sevenoaks, and supported by other Local Churches and BGPC, This involved collecting donations of vital supplies (Clothing, sleeping bags, nappies, food, medical items and generators) from around the area and from Borough Green residents, and transporting them from the UK to Poland, for onward distribution to the victims of the War in Ukraine.

BGPC will be involved in more collections and Aid Trips in the future

Below - Goods stacked in the Parish Office                                   Barry & Bernie deliver to Hope Church

1 ParOffice.jpg
2 Hope.jpg

Below - Bernie's Fuel Stop going through Poland,     and a stuffed van arrives in  a snowy Cracow Street,                      

3 fuel2.jpg

Below - Crew handover to Ukrainians

5 Depot poland_edited.jpg
6 van poland.jpg
4 snowy street.jpg

Below - Ukrainian War Effort is everywhere

8 War traffic.jpg
9 Destination.jpg


This picture tells it all, the reason we are all doing this. This is a cookhouse at a tented refugee encampment near Lviv, where the actual food we carried is cooked and shared.

And now a couple of Videos. The first is Vova, a Pastor from Mariupol." Thanks to all your Churches and people. They may never be aware of the good they are doing. We are feeding and clothing women, children and the elderly, people who have literally nothing, but they now have hope. Volunteers from the UK, I now have something to share - an elderly lady burst into tears at gifts which were clearly from United Kingdom.

10 days ago we paid some soldiers to allow us into Mariupol where people have limted access even to basic food and water.

Thank you to all of you who have given help to others, Thank you"

And a short clip of a Vova's own house in Mariupol, taken earlier

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